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Confidently Manage Your Restaurant Chain’s Food Quality Control.

Protect your brand and consumers by leveraging data and analytics to ensure you stay ahead of quality control risks and achieve product compliance.

Gain better visibility and control over store-level quality and service issues using a configurable workflow and partner collaboration tool. Access to quality analytics gives supply chain and quality assurance teams visibility into partner performance so issues can be caught before they spread.

The result? Our customers are able to resolve issues 50% quicker and increase credit recovery by 20% while protecting their brand and consumers.


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Enable Effective Quality Incident Management

With Real-Time Data.

Food Visibility

Increase Food Quality Visibility

Incident data is organized by quality metrics to create a scorecard of supplier performance, providing transparency and the opportunity for quick resolution.

Incident Response Rate

Accelerate Incident Response Rate

Quality and service issues are recorded at store-level then facilitated through an automated workflow with alerts that improves response and closure times by 50%.

Credit Recovery

Improve Credit

Automated credit checks are matched against all invoices to confirm resolution, resulting in credit recapture increases of up to 20%.  

Our Customers.


ArrowStream provides accountability for stores, distributors, suppliers and purchasing and quality teams. From ensuring receiving guidelines to communicating service or product issues, our data is now being flowed in a trackable and reportable way. 

- Gary Nash, Director of Purchasing at Zaxby's

Dairy Queen

Visibility into the long-term impacts of quality incidents allows my sourcing team to quickly identify trends and patterns. I run reports for purchasing and we're all able to pinpoint recurring problems with products or vendors, and mitigate future quality issues before anybody else.

 - Zhaleh Golwalla, Asst. General Manager at Canadian Dairy Queen

Shake Shack

Our main target for launching ArrowStream Quality Incident Management was time-savings. Filling out a document, taking pictures and sending them all online really streamlined the process. What took me up to 90 minutes every morning to do, I can now do in five or ten minutes.

- Alan Elliff, Quality Assurance Manager at Shake Shack


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Supply Chain Visibility Dashboard
Contract Management & Price Audit

Strategic Sourcing

Consolidate spend analytics, contract data and a network of 8,000 foodservice suppliers within one solution that facilitates a standardized process and promotes successful partnerships. With Strategic Sourcing, it's easy to find new suppliers, send out anonymous product inquires, run RFPs and sourcing events, and use advanced tools to inform your decisions. Quickly consult data to create a sourcing plan capable of identifying new opportunities to save you up to 18% of your budget.

Commodity Market Intelligence

Quality Incident Management

Has Never Been Easier.

There’s never been a quicker way for your supply chain & quality assurance team to quickly promote data-driven decisions.